Green Meadows – Application Form

General Details

Who will be staying at the Premises for the whole period of the Lease ?

Tenant 1



Applicant 1

  • I hereby declare that the details furnished herein are to the best of my knowledge and belief correct and that, if my application is approved, I accept full responsibility for payment of the rental in advance by the 1st day of each month from the date stated.

    I hereby confirm that I have personally viewed / inspected the premises applied for and accept that in event of my failure to assume tenancy of this application or any written agreement of the lease pursuant thereto. I shall forfeit to an amount equal to one month’s rental, and in addition thereto, and in the event of written agreement of lease having been prepared pursuant to my signing this application, the cost of such agreement of lease. No agreement of lease shall be deemed to exist between the Landlord and the Tenant until the lease shall have been duly signed by or on behalf of the Landlord.

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