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Welcome to Green Meadows

The idea of Green Meadows was formed by two friends over a glass of wine, and from its conception, it has been a place where people can come together and enjoy themselves in an atmosphere that feels like home.


Discover modern student living at Green Meadows, where the vibrant community meets contemporary comfort. With various accommodation options tailored to your needs, we prioritize your well-being to make Green Meadows your home away from home


Enjoy the convenience of modern amenities designed to enhance your student experience. From spacious study rooms to cozy common areas, Green Meadows is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and productive stay. Elevate your student lifestyle with us.


Immerse yourself in the dynamic student community at Green Meadows. With thoughtfully designed spaces for socializing and studying, we foster an environment where friendships flourish, and academic success is celebrated. Join us in creating lasting memories.


Our accommodation provides not only academic support but also a haven for sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re into soccer, rugby, or simply enjoying a jog, our expansive sports facilities offer the perfect outlet to stay active and rejuvenated.


Green Meadows offers affordable luxury for students seeking a balance between comfort and budget. Our accommodation options are designed to provide a touch of elegance without compromising on accessibility. Experience the best of student living with us.

Time to go green with confidence!

Our solar panel installation is in full swing, and soon you can say goodbye to loadshedding for good. Stay tuned for our exclusive rental package, tailored to your needs



R 5460 Monthly

  • With a damage deposit of R5460, Non-refundable R700 Admin and R300 Biometrics fee.

Super Bachelors

R 6650 Monthly

  • With a damage deposit of R6650, Non-refundable R700 Admin and R300 Biometrics fee.

1 Bedroom - Standard

R 6295 Monthly

  • With a damage deposit of R6295, Non-refundable R700 Admin and R300 Biometrics fee.

1 Bedroom - Deluxe

R 6650 Monthly

  • With a damage deposit of R6650, Non-refundable R700 Admin and R300 Biometrics fee.

1 Bedroom - Super Deluxe

R 7100 Monthly

  • With a damage deposit of R7100, Non-refundable R700 Admin and R300 Biometrics fee.

2 Bedroom - Standard

R 8600 Monthly

  • R4300/p With a damage deposit of R8600, Non-refundable R700 Admin and R300 Biometrics fee.

2 Bedroom - Deluxe

R 8800 Monthly

  • R4400/p With a damage deposit of R8800, Non-refundable R700 Admin and R300 Biometrics fee.

2 Bedroom - Super Deluxe

R 9200 Monthly

  • R4600/p With a damage deposit of R9200, Non-refundable R700 Admin and R300 Biometrics fee.


The full deposit and your first month’s rent are payable before you can occupy the unit.

This is a new development; all units have a high-quality finishing and upmarket feel.

The development is situated on the corner of Retief St and Piet Bosman St.

Some important things to note:

1. The rent INCLUDES:

a. 10 units water per month, per unit (average uses is 8 units per month)

b. Fortnightly cleaning service: surfaces, floors, windows, bathrooms, and doors only – clothes, linen and dishes NOT included.

2. Prepaid Electricity

3. Gym, squash courts, swimming pools on premises included.

4. Coin operated laundry on premises.

5. The complex has multiple communal braai areas.

6. The units will be fitted with:

a. Bed

b. Mattress

c. TV

d. Fridge

e. Microwave

f. Lounge furniture

g. 2 Plate Stove

7. Please note that curtains, blinds, and study chair are not included.

8. Undercover parking available at a cost of R 2000.00 per year.

9. Enquire about our no loadsheding packages starting from R500p/m


If you wish to secure a unit, kindly complete the attached Electronic Application Form and return it to If approved, you will be notified, the admin fee will be payable before any contracts are drafted.

Green Meadows Administration


We are equipped with essential facilities to make your stay as hospitable as possible. In addition to the comforts of our rooms, we also have a private lounge area with plenty of seating, a clubhouse and indoor pool, a gym, and a media center.

Indoor Pool

All-season recreational space for relaxation.

Media Center

Dedicated space equipped for research and collaboration.

Sports Field

Outdoor space for sports and casual activities.


On-site facility for convenient laundry.


High-speed internet available throughout Green Meadows.

Private Lounge

Exclusive lounge area for relaxation and socializing.

Club House

Vibrant community hub fostering connections and shared experiences.


Robust measures to ensure a secure and peaceful living environment.

Shuttle Service

Let us ensure you are always on time.


Fully-equipped gym for staying fit and active.

Green Meadows is secured by a 3 meter high security fence with beams connected to an on-site security office. The office is monitored 24 hours a day and Green Meadows also has security-controlled entrances.


Looking for student accommodation in Potchefstroom should be a fun and exciting time. It’s also an important time to make sure you’re choosing safe student housing. You’re going to want to enjoy your time in the big city, focus on your studies and not have to worry about sweating the small stuff. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you ensure the student accommodation you’re choosing is safe.

If you’re planning on living alone or in a private studio, feel free to skip to number 2. But if you’re choosing shared housing, it’s not just about where it’s located or what safety features it has, it’s also about who you live with. Sharing student accommodation with friends or fellow students will not only help to lower the cost but will give you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home. When sharing with students as opposed to a private house-share, it’s more likely you’ll be on similar wavelengths and schedules, alongside being open-minded and ready to work out the best approach. It also makes it a little easier to have open conversations with your roommates on safety, such as locking doors and windows, inviting guests over, and the cleanliness of your new place. That’s because you won’t be moving into a house share where people have already settled into their routines. Instead, everyone is new to the apartment.

When choosing student accommodation, it’s important to plan ahead. Be prepared to book early, put down a deposit, and sign a tenancy agreement. Make sure you read the agreement fully and be confident in asking any questions you may have. Check what your rent includes so you don’t have any costly surprises once you move in.

Content insurance is an important consideration when choosing student accommodation. As you’re moving away from home, your belongings will most likely no longer be covered on your family household’s insurance. You’re going to want to check the limits of the student accommodation policy and think about increasing the cover for your personal items. It’s best to be safe and purchase insurance against risks such as theft, loss or accidental damage whilst you’re out and about enjoying university.

Not only are security guards and CCTV cameras a deterrent, but they will also allow you to have peace of mind when you’re in and outside of your accommodation. When choosing safe student accommodation, onsite security and the use of CCTV will help protect yourself, your home and your belongings.


Services include a variety of paratransit services that use small buses or vans to provide public mobility. They are a type of Public Transit. … These are more appropriate than fixed transit service for some applications, such as off-peak service, or service in lower-density areas.


Mon-Fri: 7am – 7pm 

Sat: 7am – 5pm

 Sun: 7am – 3pm


NWU MainGate
NWU Weet And Sweet Gate
NWU G16 Gate
Mooirivier Absa entrance

Face 2 Face
Boston College
Potch Hospital

Potch Academy
West Acres (Pick n Pay)

Mafikeng Hiking spot

Water Wheel entrance
Checkers entrance
Engen Garage Hiking Spot King Foods


When you are only responsible for yourself, it is easy to get somewhere. You can choose to drive, take a bus, bike, hike, skateboard, hoverboard, or any other means of transportation. A shuttle service can eliminate many risky factors, such as getting lost, missing a meeting, etc. Travelling by a shuttle bus also provides numerous benefits.

1. Organization

One of the benefits of having a shuttle service for corporate travel is organization. When the transportation is taken care of you won’t have to worry about carpooling, renting cars, finding directions, or other messy plans. A shuttle service is easy, convenient, and smooth. You get your people on, they get off, and everyone’s happy.

2. Safety

Often, a concern for group transportation is safety. With a shuttle service, you can eliminate the worry of safe travel. Our drivers are the best so you can sit back and relax. Knowing that you don’t have to keep your eyes on the road for other reckless drivers or hold on for dear life when carpooling with someone who runs red lights will be a huge relief. Shuttle bus services have superior safety than other transportation alternatives.

3. Stress-free

Travelling with a group can become a hassle because you not only have to worry about how they will get to A to B but also if they will make their meeting on time, etc. If you’re driving or organizing the travel plans you have to worry about routes in another city you are unfamiliar with, delays, and other potential problems or confusion.

4. Private Transportation

Another benefit of a shuttle service is privacy. With a shuttle bus service, you will be travelling with Green Meadows tenants, unlike other types of public transportation. When you travel with just your group of friends, it allows everyone the opportunity to collaborate, get to know each other or relax.

5. Amenities

Our shuttles have comfortable seats, extended storage, temperature control, and much more. These types of amenities can improve your trip.

Smooth Corporate Travel

We know traveling with large groups can be overwhelming, challenging, and exhausting. Organizing and coordinating your schedule can be tricky, let us ensure you are always on time.


Student Accommodation Help


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